Who are we?

We are the Surf Monkey's

If you are looking for the best web developer in Cornwall, Look no further than the Surf Monkey’s

Surf Monkey Marketing is made up of a team of web developer s and digital marketing experts who are all looking to be the very best at what they do.

Our monkey’s will advise you on the very latest technology and techniques available to use online. if you need a website their first question will be ‘Whats the goal?’. What are you trying to generate, Leads, Appointments, Calls, sales?

Our design monkey’s don’t just design things that look great as they are always thinking about usability across different devices and ‘Conversion rate optimisation’. They are experts at ‘Conversion centred design’ which is the use of colour and white space to draw more users to a desired outcome. In short they want to design something that is going to perform for you.

Our dev monkey’s don’t just build solutions and websites, they craft solutions that work as efficiently as possible making the user experience as quick and smooth as possible.

Our marketing monkey’s will look at your business and advise you on all your options and then develop an optimised plan to take you to market based on your business type, location and budget. A highly focused laser attack designed to convert the maximum amount of visitors to customers or enquiries.

When we are not building ‘Rad’ new sites or delivering ‘Sick’ marketing campaigns you will find us either in the green room or the shed printing out some more of our ‘Epic’ merchandise. check it out at www.surfmonkey.co

In these worrying times of COVID19 we are also now dealing with more and more requests to help protect our customers by transforming their business to a more ‘agile’ working environment. To this end we are advising on new telephony systems, information sharing, collaboration tools and video meetings / conferencing. We are even building cloud based software solutions to take some businesses fully mobile. Most businesses can help protect their employees and reduce the risk of COVID with some ‘smart’ changes to working practises or even how they deliver their services.

if you would like to talk to us about any of our services why not request a video conference with us today, we are here to help.